QCDs: A Smart Giving Strategy for Retirees

Charitable giving plays a crucial role for many retirees. Given the tumultuous impact of the coronavirus pandemic, charities and the people they serve have seen a sharp increase in the need for financial resources; and so far, many donors have risen to the task.  Fidelity charitable reported that over half of donors planned to maintain their levels of giving and …


Should You Help Pay For Your Grandchild’s Education?

Becoming a grandparent is a joyful experience, and the luckiest grandparents are arguably those who live close to their grandchildren. As grandparents, you play an important role in a multigenerational experience, giving your grandkids your presence, wisdom, and sometimes, financial support. Helping grandchildren with college expenses is a great way to invest in their future while easing the burden on …

How And Why Risk Tolerance Affects Your Portfolio

How And Why Risk Tolerance Affects Your Portfolio

Risk tolerance impacts every aspect of your investment strategy from your portfolio’s asset allocation and asset location, to your investment goals and time horizon. Understanding your risk tolerance will make a positive impact on the structure and maintenance of your portfolio. Ready to see how? Let’s dive in.


What Is Asset Allocation? (And Why Your Portfolio Needs It)

We recently wrote about the concept of asset location and how it differs from asset allocation. You may recall that asset location is a tax minimization strategy that places your assets in the most tax-efficient investment accounts. Asset allocation, on the other hand, focuses on optimizing returns while spreading out investment risk, by positioning your portfolio holdings across different sectors. …