Our Beliefs

Financial Planning

We believe true financial planning, at its core involves a clear vision. Defining what matters to you most and envisioning a future that you desire. The ultimate question that will arise from this exploration is how do you achieve your goals and deal with the certainty of change. Whether your individual evolution is planned or unplanned, it will certainly occur at some point. While we believe in the power of consistent client experience, we also understand that through the years of client reviews with you there will likely come a time when we act more as behavioral finance consultants than financial planners. Truth be told, we’re all peculiar about money! Starting with our first meeting, and continuing throughout our relationship, you will find comfort in knowing what to expect and the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive financial planning relationship.

401K Plan Services

As a division of Blue Rock Financial Group, Blue Rock 401K focuses on helping companies design, implement and monitor their retirement plans. In today’s complex regulatory environment, it is crucial for employers to align with a firm that has the expertise, scale and process developed to deliver an optimum retirement plan solution. Our independence allows us the opportunity to partner with industry providers such as Vanguard, John Hancock, Principal and many others. We are able to match our client with the right partners based specifically on the client’s needs. Our knowledge has enabled us to grow into one of the region’s leading providers of retirement plan advice.

Bringing It All Together

Each client’s experience is truly tailored to the individual. If you’ve wondered how your life could improve by working with a holistic financial advisor, we invite you to contact our office today to schedule your complimentary consultation.