Corporate Retirement Plan

Designing & Implementing the Best Retirement Plans for Your Company

Create a Corporate Retirement Plan That's Best for Your Employees

There are many benefits to establishing a corporate retirement plan. However, determining which plan is right for your company can be difficult. As one of the region's leading providers of retirement plan advice, our advisors are dedicated to assisting companies design, implement, and monitor their retirement plans.

Blue Rock Financial Group makes selecting and monitoring retirement plans manageable for companies of all sizes. Our expertise to deliver an optimum retirement plan solution sets us aside from other retirement planning firms.

We work with Plan Sponsors to ensure the owner/fiduciaries/trustees of the retirement plan are aware of their responsibilities and have the appropriate procedures in place to minimize risk.

Blue Rock 401k Group

It is crucial for employers to align with a firm that has the expertise, scale, and process developed to deliver an optimum retirement plan solution.

For Employers, We Provide:



  • Strategy

  • Implementation

  • Education Policy Statement


Investment Consulting

  • Selection

  • Monitoring

  • Investment Policy Statement


Fiduciary Fitness Program

  • Fiduciary Education

  • Process & Compliance

  • Fee Benchmarking


Plan Design

  • Analysis

  • Goal Setting

  • Customization

For Employees, We Provide:


Retirement Readiness

  • Deferral Amounts

  • Monitor Progress

  • Goal Setting



  • Asset Allocation

  • Fund Analysis

  • Fund Selection


Financial Planning

  • Newsletters

  • Seminars

  • Key Executive Planning



  • Blue Rock Advisors

  • Professional Education

  • Provider Material

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