Delaney Argo

Client Service Representative

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Delaney is a skilled professional with a wealth of experience in the banking industry. With her extensive background, she truly understands the value of fostering and nurturing client relationships, always striving to deliver impeccable customer care. In her previous position at Bank of America, Delaney held a pivotal role in opening accounts, performing comprehensive account maintenance, and establishing trust with high-net worth clients. Presently, as a member of Blue Rock Financial Group, Delaney adeptly handles a range of responsibilities including top-notch client service and efficient administrative tasks. Additionally, she collaborates closely with her team members to ensure seamless support in maintaining ongoing client relationships.


Delaney graduated from the University of Delaware in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, where she was able to study abroad.


After spending a few years in Charleston, South Carolina, Delaney is happy to be back in her home community of Rehoboth Beach, DE. She is excited and proud to work for a company that is Delaware-based and takes part in local events, reconnecting her with her roots.