A Quarter to Remember: Team Building on the Rapids


Steve Bart

August 18, 2023

This quarter, our team gathering was an exhilarating mix of business acumen, personal growth, and, yes, a whole lot of water! If you haven’t considered white water rafting as a team-building activity, it’s high time you add it to your list.

Navigating the wild rapids was not just an adrenaline rush; it was a metaphorical journey that taught us invaluable life lessons we can carry into our everyday work. From understanding the importance of an early start to stepping out of our comfort zones, the experience was rich with insights.

We learned the art of tackling challenges head-on and the importance of rowing in unison to reach our goals. The adventure also taught us the value of taking a moment to catch our breath amidst the chaos and to appreciate the rewarding feeling of a hard day’s work.

In short, this quarter’s team gathering was more than just a day out; it was an adventure that left us soaked, inspired, and closer as a team. Truly an experience worth every splash!